Glasswasher Jolly A36

Electrical supply: 1x230 V/50 Hz

Washing pump power:  Kw 0,22 (HP 0,30)

Boiler power:  W 2700

Basin resistor: W 1800

Max absorbed power: W 2920

Basin capacity: Lt. 11

Washing/rinsing temperature: 55° / 85°

This line of glasswahers is ideal for undercounter locations with small space.

Built in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10.

High performance wash arms and jets are designed to work together with the wash pumps to deliver maximum washing action for clean results. These powerful jets cut through baked on foodsoils – delivering clean ware, each time.
The rinse boiler in each machine incorporates internal baffles. These prevent the rinse temperature from dropping too quickly, for a more consistent rinsing result.

Easy to use control panel.

Peristaltic chemical pumps accurately control the use of detergent. Tank filters keep the washing water cleaner for longer. This allows for more washes from each tank of water.

Special Incoloy heating elements directly  heat the water, using minimal electricity
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