Bakery display cabinets
In this area of the site you can browse through Ristoservice selection of the best Italian bakery equipment, selected from the best italian companies in this industry.
    We of FB in 1999, were the first to have created something special : a horizontal showcase 1.5 m high can hold 5 refrigerate display shelves, doubling the display capacity of upright display cabinets at the time. With the Amazing model FB relaunches this idea ... extroadinary! It's a new look, no limits, fascinating. Continued visibility from every point of view breathtaking. It's characteristics : strong lines for a distinctive look wi [...]
  • Bakery display cabinet FB De Ranieri Sintesi II Atto
    Synthesis of advanced technology The entire Sintesi II Atto line is beyond comparison in the category of horizontal showcases. The refined taste of design, both in the rigorously elegant linear version and in the softly sinuous curved models, allows this cabinet to adapt harmoniously to elegant and exclusive ambiances. The concaved glass, enhanced by the new peripheral white silkscreen, provides the highest visibility of all your products.   [...]
  • Pastry display counter FB De Ranieri Sofia
    SPOTLIGHT ON ELEGANCE We will never know if such objects are created for passion, ability, or for intuition. Sofia is the result of these values, which makes the Italian style unique in the world. With Sofia we have achieved the synthesis of beauty and functionality, to offer our customers a product which is refined and inimitable in the FB style. The double display area allows an unrivaled visibility, able to enhance the finest creations. From [...]
  • Pastry display counter FB De Ranieri Vision
    Vision is the point of reference for double display cabinets: a lot of space and a unique visual experience. Designed to pass the most extreme display food conservation tests and created to guarantee a perfect refrigeration whatever the climate, impeccable performances in perfect line with FB's high technological standards. Vision is the only piece of furniture for your pastry shop. [...]
  • Pastry display counter FB De Ranieri Virna
    INTRIGUING TRANSPARENCY Another protagonist comes onto the scene as an Italian an d international success. Virna is the expression of contemporary taste that goes beyond fads of fashion, free of excess or extravagances. Standard double flowe allows for perfect subzero refrigeration and an unbeatable visual experience. The elegance of Virna showcase finds maximum expression in the transparency of the tempered glass has been paired with a base whi [...]
  • Bakery display counter Orion Kate
    For those who love the challenges of this sweet world, those who create the most extroadinary tastes from nothing, those who spend time and effort on this wonderful job. Kate display cabinet, with its reassuring lines, is the compact showcase that perfectly knows how to be functional and reliable at the same time. Kate is available in the following sizes: 1092 mm 1692 mm 2192 mm [...]
  • Bakery display counter Orion Evò
    Evò display cabinet has a professional soul, its timeless look is the result of a constant development. Tubular structure. REFRIGERATING SYSTEM: Evò Ice cream: Internal refrigerating unit air-cooled (water-cooled as optional), semi-hermetic compressor (380/3/50Hz), possibility of ermetic compressor (220/1/50Hz). Automatic reverse cycle defrosting and automatic evaporation of condense water (optional). Evò Pastry/Ventilat [...]
  • Bakery display counter Orion Tecnica
    Tecnica display cabinet is a “transparent display case” par excellence. The glass front panel consists of a single large sheet of glass facing the public, providing a total panoramic view of the interior and showing off the colors of the product on display to best advantage.   The style of the design is original and refined, a harmonious blend of the accentuated curved lines which typified display cases in the 90s and the rigor [...]
  • Bakery display counter Orion 365
    How can we make something beautiful if it is already nice? Just make it fantastic.   365 display cabinet is daily versatility, ranging from the functionality for the early breakfast to the elegance of ice-cream to enjoy at the end of the day. 365 stands out for its great potential, you could stand out by choosing it.   An extremely flexible machine, a room able to suit your personal needs and up-to-date, these are the pressing prero [...]
  • Pastry display counter Orion Trilogy GT
    The trilogy display counter is a model in which great design features meet excellent performance. The revolutionary shape, with straight and soft lines, enhance the displayed products. [...]
  • Bakery display cabinet Orion Koreia
    Koreia display cabinet is synonymous with evolution: in performance, reliability, in the manner of expression. Moreover, the beauty of the forms contains a range of possibilities that solves any space and exposure requirements.   Koreia is a system of products rich in form and content. The rigorous and elegant design expressed with functionality and beauty is all to be exhibited.   Lightness of an opening wing: to provide greater fr [...]
  • Pastry display counter ISA Millenium Pas
    Pastry display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration and finned evaporator. Monoblock body with ecological polyurethane insulation (HCFC & HFC free) foamed with C02 - 50 mm thick. Display base, service top and rear panel in bright stainless steel, external base in painted sheet. Upper structure with supports in silvercolored anodized aluminium, available with 2 shelves. Tempered glasses with aluminium profiles and gas pistons for lift-up [...]
  • Pastry display counter ISA Kelly
    With Kelly you’ll store, arrange and display all your products in state-of-the art fashion at any time of day: sweets and pastries, cakes and pies, snacks, delicacies, appetizers for your happy hour and main courses for lunch or dinner. You can choose between two versions with different dephts. Kelly 80 takes up very little space and fits into any context in no time. Kelly 100 is the best you can find for professional use: it can [...]
  • Pastry display counter ISA 3D Show Pas
    Thanks to the complete transparency of its glass support structure, the 3DShow Pas pastry display cabinet represents the perfect way to exalt the food appeal of the displayed products. This model represents the evolution of the PastryShow model, which has gained immense popularity amongst pastry shops worldwide. With this unit, in fact, ISA has focused upon maximizing the already salient features offered by the previous version: this ha [...]
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