Bakery Equipment
Bakery is a culinary art, dedicated exclusively to the preparation of sweet foods such as pastries, cakes, biscuits, pralines, chocolates and similar products.

In this section of our site you will find Ristoservice selection of the best italian bakery machines.
Our baking equipment is selected from the best italian companies in the sector.
  • Bakery display cabinets
    In this area of the site you can browse through Ristoservice selection of the best Italian bakery equipment, selected from the best italian companies in this industry. [...]
    Planetary mixers are used to wisk, knead and amalgamate. It's largely used in bakery because it can perform tasks faster and more efficient than manually performing these tasks. Most of them have interchangeable tools such as whisks. [...]
  • Dough sheeters
    Professional dough sheeters for bakeries create a fine and malleable dough, which is worked in an homogeneous, progressive and without tears. Built in stainless steel in compliance with food safety regulations, they develop both horizzontaly or vertically. Vertical dough sheeters are ideal for small artisanal bakeries. You can choose between: - counter top dough sheeters - automatic dough sheeters - manual ones, used in small and medium sized bak [...]
  • Professional convection ovens for bakeries and pastry shops
    In this area you can browse through are catalogue of convection ovens designed for bakeries and pastry shops [...]
  • Convection ovens
    Our catalogue of ovens, dedicated to bakeries and pastry shops, covers a wide range of demands in the food industry, satisfying snack bars, who want to offer hot and tasty brioches and croissants to their clients, medium and large sized pastry shops, that want to produce a large amount of pastries and desserts without having to sacrifice quality, but also bakeries that want to sell fragrant focaccia and sandwiches. [...]
  • Warewashers
    Here you can view our warewashers, used to wash full-sized objects as cylindrical buckets, trays and ice-cream tubs. You can use them especially in ice-cream parlours and pastry shops laboratories. 12 month guarantee. [...]
  • Chocolate tempering machines
    Chocolate tempering machines with continous cycle. They melt chocolate with bain-marie system and temper by cooling it witn a refrigerated compressor. The tray has a mixer that mantains the chocolate fluid and homogeneous. Built to melt and temper any kind of chocolate, the tempering process is done directly in cochlea allows the chocolate to be fluid and a excellent crystal union, producing a high quality final product. [...]
  • Chocolate melters
    Our catalogue allows you to see the best chocolate melters made in Italy. [...]
  • Chocolate depositors
    Our machines allow to produce pralines, truffles, filled chocolates, chocolate bars and any other seasonal products that cannot be hand-made. [...]
  • Custard making machine
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